Grant Minor Boiler is not starting

Hello Everyone,

I want to share a strange problem regarding my Grant Minor boiler. My boiler is not starting after various attempts since yesterday. What could be a reason behind it? Should I buy a new boiler as this boiler is seven years old? Please share your expert advice.

Thank you so much



Hi Bill, this is a common problem with grant boiler series. The possible reasons are as follows:

  • Electrical supply is not present
  • Overheat sensor has operated
  • You have switched on the check controls & now they are calling out for heat
  • Low – pressure safety device is activated

If you feel these reasons are causing this issue then, you can take the following actions

  • Refill the system to recommended 0.5 to 1.0 bar
  • Set the thermostat of your boiler to maximum
  • Do check for the 230 volts at the terminal block of boiler
  • Check boiler’s off/on switch. The boiler has to be “ON”.

I hope that your boiler will start after taking the necessary actions.