Grant Vortex Combi Boiler Overheat Thermostat

My Grant Vortex Combi Boiler’s thermostat is giving wrong readings. Moreover, I am noticing that the thermostat is inaccurate & water temperature is different from that is being shown on the thermostat. Has someone faced this issue? If yes, then please guide me.

Thanks for your kind help


Hi Liza, all electrical equipment develops various faults with the passage of time & a thermostat of your boiler is no different. Thus, if your boiler’s thermostat is giving wrong temperature readings then, it is obvious your boiler will give you a tough time. If the boiler is very old like more than two or three years, then thermostat might have deteriorated & you have to replace it. There are no sudden fixes regarding faulty thermostat therefore, I would advise calling an expert boiler engineer to repair or replace the thermostat if required.