Grant Vortex MK2 boiler thermostat is not working

Hi Folks,

I have a Grant Vortex MK2 boiler, which is approximately seven years old. I am unable to understand what is going on from last 2-3 days. Whenever I turn on the boiler, I get extremely hot water. Moreover, the boiler runs smoothly just for 10-15 minutes. I have restarted it several times but no progress. Someone please help me on urgent basis.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Niki, an old or broken thermostat always becomes incorrect with the passage of time. Just because of this, you are getting the hot water. However, before working on the problem try confirming that the boiler’s thermostat is on the right track and working properly. If you set the clock and timer properly & thermostat is also power-driven then, replacement is recommended.