Grant Combi Boiler Burner not igniting

I have installed my Grant Combi Boiler one year ago. It worked well but currently my boiler’s burner is not igniting though, electricity and oil are present at boiler’s burner. I have taken all the necessary actions but still, burner is not igniting. I hope someone will help me.



Hi Mike

It is a common problem in all types of boilers. Some possible causes are as follows:

  • Fuel supply is not present
  • Empty oil tank
  • Faulty burner
  • Closed fire valve
  • Blocked flue line filter
  • Air locked supply line of oil
  • Extreme combustion air

Do check the above-mentioned things & take the following actions according to your issue

  • If fuel supply is not present then, you have to check the tank & refill it if required
  • If you feel that oil tank is empty then, check & open regulators if required
  • In case of the faulty burner, reset the air damper of burner & check combustion
  • Fire valve can be opened by cleaning it

You can consider this information; if your problem continues, do call a boiler specialist.