Grant Vortex 26 combi boiler faulty gasket


I have a Grant Vortex 26 combi boiler, which was installed six years ago. Today morning, as I turned on the boiler I have noticed that some burnt & smelly gasses are badly leaking from a heat exchanger of the boiler. I am quite worried as there is the smell and smoke all around. Please share your expert views for rectifying the problem.



Hi Paul,

The most important of any boiler is a burner gasket because it forms the hardwearing closure between the burner and venturi that supplies the air and gas to the boiler’s burner. It is a common problem in the old boilers and according to the shared information; your boiler is six years old. Therefore, it is better to get it checked by a skilled boiler engineer and ask him to replace it.

Grant Vortex MK2 boiler’s faulty oil nozzle

Hello Folks,

I have installed my Grant Vortex MK2 Boiler two years ago. I need help as the boiler’s oil nozzle is not working properly & oil is coming directly from it. Is something serious? Please help me in view of that.

Thanks In advance


Hello Michelle, it is a quite common problem in all types of the boiler. Well, the possible reasons behind this issue are as follows:

  • Chocked nozzle
  • Air in the central heating pump
  • Pump or drive is not working
  • There is no oil in central heating pump
  • Damaged electrically powered shutoff valve

In order to fix it, check & refill the boiler’s tank, inspect and clean all the filters and controllers, bleed the central heating pump, clean or even replace the nozzle and damaged electrically powered shutoff valve. Or else call a Grant boiler engineer.

Grant Minor boiler faulty pressure gauge

Hi All,

I have a Grant Minor boiler which is about four years ago. Last night, a pressure gauge of the boiler has suddenly crept into the red zone. Well, I cannot locate the connector although I have the pressure discharge key under the boiler. Someone please guide me about the target boiler’s pressure.


Your suggestions will be highly appreciated


Hi Sheila, try bleeding a towel bar radiator, as this will results in decreasing the current pressure of your boiler & expectantly letting it to run smoothly. After that, you have to reduce the boiler’s pressure. Nevertheless, if the pressure of your boiler rises just after doing this & keeps rising then, it means that either the filling hoop is not properly closed or perhaps the heat exchanger is faulty.

Grant Combi boiler hot water issue

Hello Folks,

Someone please help me on an issue, which my two-year old Grant combi boiler is facing from last five days. Basically, the required hot water is not flowing properly from the hot water tap. It is cold outside and hot water is required urgently. What should I do?

Thanks for your help


Hi Stanley, you are facing this problem due to the following reasons:

  • The main supply of the water is not properly connected to the cold water cove of your boiler
  • Some stop cocks or isolating regulators in a pipework are closed
  • There is a some obstruction in a pipework
  • The isolating valve of the cold water in your boiler is closed

You can try the following ways out

  • Check the main supply of water & if there is a problem rectify it
  • Open all the regulators in the pipework to & from boiler
  • If the isolating valve of cold water is closed, open it
  • And finally, if you suspect a blockage in a pipework, do check & rectify it as required

Grant Vortex Combi Boiler Runs Intermittently


I have installed a Grant Vortex Combi boiler one year ago. I have faced some minor issues in the past but the problem, which I am facing now days, is quite irritating. The boiler runs intermittently. Due to this, the taps and the radiators are becoming hot & cold continuously. I have tried to fix the problem but no progress. Someone please help me

Thank you so much


Hi Wendy,

The main culprits behind your boiler runs intermittently are the faulty control panel and printed circuit board. Well, you cannot fix the problem alone. Therefore, I would advise calling an experienced Grant boiler engineer, as he will decide that whether a PCB is having the needed power supply or not by using the multimeter.

Grant 90 V3 Boiler puffing & fumes

Hello Everybody,

I own a six years old Grant 90 V3 boiler. It is a good boiler in terms of the output. However, from last few days I am noticing that there is the black fumes/smoke coming directly from an outside flue as I turn on the boiler. Any suggestions on what exactly the problem could be.

Looking for help on urgent basis


Hi Gary, I would like to share the some possible reasons behind your problem along with the solutions. These are as follows:

  1. If the flue is congested then, clean the flue
  2. For inadequate flue draught you have to check the flue draught thoroughly while improving it as required
  3. If there is an adequate supply of the combustion air to the burner then, check that the extract fan of the boiler is not drawing the burning gases from the burner
  4. Lastly, if a flue liner or pipe is very large or current load is unlined then, check the size or condition of the flue & change if required

You can contact a skilled Grant boiler engineer for detailed analysis

Grant Vortex 26 boiler issue of short cycling

Hi Guys,

My two years old Grant Vortex 26 boiler is facing a problem of short cycling. The boiler is firing up for almost half minute & afterwards it cuts out badly. The most annoying thing is the radiators, which are barely getting the Luke warm water & same goes for the hot water. What is wrong with the boiler? Someone please help me

Thanks a lot


Hi Dave,

As the minimum range of the boiler’s firing and boiling, goes beyond the current load of the system then, it will surely become the reason the boiler’s short cycling as it forces your boiler to instantly fire up just for the few seconds. Well, you can rectify the problem by simply checking the below-mentioned things:

  1. Firstly, you have to check the proper grounding of the Grant boiler
  2. Secondly, you can face this issue whenever there is the air in your boiler so do check for the current amount of the air
  3. Check the existing & right water flow in your boiler
  4. Check the blocked air inlet on the concentric system of venting

Feel free to call a Grant boiler engineer if your problem persists

Grant Minor boiler not working due to sludge/limescale buildup

Hello All,

My newly bought and installed Grant Minor boiler is not responding from last week. Some strange sounds are also coming from the boiler. Its central heating pump is overheating a lot. Unfortunately, I am unable to fix it on my own. What could be a possible reason behind all this?

Looking for the Expert Advice


Hi Lynne,

According to the shared information, I would like to say that there is some blockage in the boiler’s central heating because of the sludge accumulation. Well, do not worry, as it is a common problem in all types of the boilers. In order to rectify the problem, call a skilled grant boiler engineer and he will fix the different scale reducers and magnetic sludge filters in your Grant boiler.

Grant Vortex MK2 boiler thermostat is not working

Hi Folks,

I have a Grant Vortex MK2 boiler, which is approximately seven years old. I am unable to understand what is going on from last 2-3 days. Whenever I turn on the boiler, I get extremely hot water. Moreover, the boiler runs smoothly just for 10-15 minutes. I have restarted it several times but no progress. Someone please help me on urgent basis.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Niki, an old or broken thermostat always becomes incorrect with the passage of time. Just because of this, you are getting the hot water. However, before working on the problem try confirming that the boiler’s thermostat is on the right track and working properly. If you set the clock and timer properly & thermostat is also power-driven then, replacement is recommended.



Grant Vortex Combi boiler burner issue

Hello Everyone,

I have bought and installed a Grant Vortex boiler three years ago. The boiler worked well up until now, I am facing few issues concerning the boiler’s burner. It is not lighting up properly. I have checked the electricity and oil both are present at the burner. What else should I do to make the boiler work again?



Hello Smith, some possible reasons along with the solutions are as follows:

  • For empty oil tank, you have to check & open stopcocks as required
  • If fuel supply is not present, check the tank & refill as required
  • For unnecessary combustion air, you have to reset the burner air obstruction while checking the combustion
  • If the supply line of oil is air sealed, vent the oil supply line directly at the pump
  • For closed Fire controller check & clean as required
  • If the Isolating controller which is present in the supply line of fuel is closed then, check & reset if needed

I hope that this information will help you in fixing the problem