Grant Combi boiler hot water issue

Hello Folks,

Someone please help me on an issue, which my two-year old Grant combi boiler is facing from last five days. Basically, the required hot water is not flowing properly from the hot water tap. It is cold outside and hot water is required urgently. What should I do?

Thanks for your help


Hi Stanley, you are facing this problem due to the following reasons:

  • The main supply of the water is not properly connected to the cold water cove of your boiler
  • Some stop cocks or isolating regulators in a pipework are closed
  • There is a some obstruction in a pipework
  • The isolating valve of the cold water in your boiler is closed

You can try the following ways out

  • Check the main supply of water & if there is a problem rectify it
  • Open all the regulators in the pipework to & from boiler
  • If the isolating valve of cold water is closed, open it
  • And finally, if you suspect a blockage in a pipework, do check & rectify it as required