Grant Vortex 26 Boiler shuddering sounds

Hi Guys,

I have a Grant Vortex combi boiler, which is almost four years ago. The hot water & heating works well but most of the times boiler make the loud shuddering sounds. My home shakes due to these sounds. I am worried because it seems very dangerous. These shuddering sounds last for thirty seconds to almost 2 minutes & then complete silence. I need help and solution on urgent basis.

Thanking in anticipation


Hi Robert,

It is considered as the most obvious & common problem in the boilers. These shuddering sounds from the boiler are generally caused by the sludge or air buildup, extremely low pressure of water. You can solve this issue at home by simply power flushing the water pipes & bleeding the radiators. In case the problem persists, go for expert advice & assistance.