Grant Vortex Combi boiler burner issue

Hello Everyone,

I have bought and installed a Grant Vortex boiler three years ago. The boiler worked well up until now, I am facing few issues concerning the boiler’s burner. It is not lighting up properly. I have checked the electricity and oil both are present at the burner. What else should I do to make the boiler work again?



Hello Smith, some possible reasons along with the solutions are as follows:

  • For empty oil tank, you have to check & open stopcocks as required
  • If fuel supply is not present, check the tank & refill as required
  • For unnecessary combustion air, you have to reset the burner air obstruction while checking the combustion
  • If the supply line of oil is air sealed, vent the oil supply line directly at the pump
  • For closed Fire controller check & clean as required
  • If the Isolating controller which is present in the supply line of fuel is closed then, check & reset if needed

I hope that this information will help you in fixing the problem