Grant Vortex Combi Boiler getting hot water just for few minutes


I have installed a Grant Vortex Combi boiler two years ago. My experience was good but from last two or three days, I am facing a strange problem when it comes to hot water as I only get it just for few minutes. It is quite frustrating in this cold water. Kindly, guide me on this matter.



Hello Tom, do not worry, as this problem can be resolved easily. Some common reasons along with their possible actions are as follows:

  • Your boiler’s burner is not firing up properly for the hot water


Do check burner’s operation on the central heating

Check working of the diverter valve

Check proper electrical continuity of boiler’s thermostat & burner microswitch

  • You have set extremely low burner’s oil pressure at your boiler’s oil pump


Check & set boiler’s oil pressure for correcting valve

  • You have fitted an improper oil nozzle to your burner


Do check & fit an appropriate nozzle

I hope this information will help you a lot in resolving your problem regarding boiler.