Grant Vortex MK2 boiler’s faulty oil nozzle

Hello Folks,

I have installed my Grant Vortex MK2 Boiler two years ago. I need help as the boiler’s oil nozzle is not working properly & oil is coming directly from it. Is something serious? Please help me in view of that.

Thanks In advance


Hello Michelle, it is a quite common problem in all types of the boiler. Well, the possible reasons behind this issue are as follows:

  • Chocked nozzle
  • Air in the central heating pump
  • Pump or drive is not working
  • There is no oil in central heating pump
  • Damaged electrically powered shutoff valve

In order to fix it, check & refill the boiler’s tank, inspect and clean all the filters and controllers, bleed the central heating pump, clean or even replace the nozzle and damaged electrically powered shutoff valve. Or else call a Grant boiler engineer.